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Chairman's Message

It is a prerogative for me to be the Chairman of Vapi Branch of WIRC of ICAI and I would like to express my earnest gratitude to all my Committee members for entrusting me with this responsibility. As we know change is the only constant thing in universe. And our fraternity have realized this with recent changes in budget. Our profession is a child of legislation-"It is born from it and die by it". It is a time when members in practice have to look beyond the traditional practice and not limit themselves to it and move the focus to new client oriented services. We cannot depend on just Audit and Assurance services. As per various researches Accounting is considered in list of profession that will be dying in next decade or if not dying declining - it may be because of digitalization, block chain Technology and other technology advancement. Also the Audit Services are linked with Accounting Services.

This is not to frighten anyone but to make all realize that Just Like a River doesn't Stop when a mountain comes, it just changes its direction and keeps moving our fraternity will have to evolve. No matter what challenges come, we have to be prepared in order to deal with it, Best example would be the times of pandemic, where we came out our comfort zone and conduct various meets & seminar through digital platform.

Learn, Unlearn & relearn - That's the life cycle. We are done with the 1st part friends, now its time to unlearn and relearn and for that our committee shall be trying to help the members of our branch in every best possible manner.

In addition to the regular academic seminars, we have plans for conducting Seminars on various new technologies relating to our field, helping members with upgrading the technology used in their offices also upgrading our members to use those technologies. Also we will try to conduct various events helping members to foster networking among themselves and trying to give voice and opportunity to our members and students to be heard at various platforms.

We shall be trying to provide the best support to students, may it be in conducting academic Seminar, providing space for studying, conducting motivational sessions or conducting mock test.

I assure to keep up the dignity of the Vapi branch and try my best to take it to new heights.

"Stand up, be bold , be strong !

Know that you are the creator of your own destiny. All the strength and succour you want is within yourself. "

Our whole team will be working as trustee and representative of all members and students of Vapi Branch.

Thank you
CA. Vinayak P. Bafana
Chairman (20-21)
Vapi branch of WIRC of ICAI